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Thursday, 19 July 2007


Big Blogger

Erm. I hate to ask, but did you read the task brief?


I did indeed.
The post is 500 words and I have included as many place names in there as possible.

Big Blogger

So, Eccles?


What can I say....I struggled with this task, but meeting the minimum requirements means I haven't failed the task, right?


Does a failed task count as a non-submission and therefore mean eviction?

Big Blogger

You may be correct.

But as my RE teacher used to say: "Must try harder".

Oh shit! It's not just Eccles. You mentioned Nowhere too! Bravo! And judging by some of the names other people have found, I shall assume that Hoover In Hand is a small hamlet in West Dorset.


I ask for me, not you, Bedshaped. Just in case you think me a bitch.

Big Blogger

No Cat, it doesn't. It just means you're rubbish.


Oi. I spent a lot of time and effort on my task, thank you very much.

Big Blogger

I'm only pulling your pud. I think everyone's done absolutely brilliantly on this task.

Apart from bedshaped.


Bedshaped - I think it's genius...


Me too. Just great.


Sadly I've just realised that if Tippler wins immunity then I'm next in line for eviction.

Ah well, it has been fun.

Big Blogger

Bob and Joseph have 18 minutes (plus injury time, ie. if they've had to run to the bathroom to put a plaster on their big toe that they've just stubbed on a doorframe while doing the hoovering in the nip, something I know nothing about obviously) to get this task handed in.

No task equals high jump time.

I'm just sayin' like.


Clare we can leave together - heads held high. Then blub into our white wine spritzers in the snug bar of the Coach and Horses on Monday night...

Big Blogger

This has honestly never happened before, but I think I might cry.

Watching The Bill always has this effect.


"never happened before" and "always has this effect"...

Make your mind up! ;o)

Where's the Coach and Horses? I'm there.


Oh, and can we do more snogging there? I liked the snogging...

Big Blogger

Don't you know I'm the confused type?




That was for the snogging not the confusion. Although I may not be disagreeing with that either...

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