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Monday, 02 July 2007



Are people voting to keep housemates in, out or halfway out the door?

Big Medium Thingy

To get 'em out, as it were. See my updated gubbins for the details, which are exactly the same as what I just wrote..


Somewhat confusing Big/Avergage-sized/Miniscule Blogger - as Bob's 'guidelines' seem to be for a 'keep em in' vote!
I'll just sit on this fence 'til it all unfolds...

Daddy Papersurfer

I'm flicking beans to do what exactly? I'd hate to evict little baby munchkins by accident.............hee hee hee

Mr Angry

And does second or third bottom actually mean second or third top (as we're voting for who we want out, so the most popular housemates will actually be at the 'bottom')?

This is all very confusing.

* Goes off to make up a story *


I think since it's vote to evitct, then the person with the most votes gets saved (second and third highest get booted) and the person with the least votes gets the golden keyboard.


I think since it's vote to evitct, then the person with the most votes gets saved (second and third highest get booted) and the person with the least votes gets the golden keyboard.


Yes, Bob. You wrote the rules. So the one with the most votes is immune.

And, given I've just looked at the polls, you are pimping again, aren't you?

Bit of a gamble as Mr Angry seems to be doing it too. But I like your style.

Here's a virtual Jack Daniels... ;-)

Medium-sized Blogger

I think we're all agreed that Bob's rules are very confusing.

Basically, they will work. For example, the bonus 25 points to whoever gets closest to the average votes total will actually have 25 points deducted, taking them further away (rather than closer to) being evicted.

Get it?

jim and doug

We can't wait to read all the bedtime stories!
Like this concept, LOVE all the clever writing.....such inspiration & skill!
Thanks everyone!

Daddy Papersurfer

Can you just run through that again?


Not pimping at all ... in fact, I'm in Copenhagen and only have sketchy internet access at best. If I'm getting votes this week it's a) backlash from last week or b) people not realizing that the pimpation has ended.

Oooh look, the Little Mermaid is right down the road from my boat. Must go play tourist.


If that (Copenhagen) is your virtual holiday story then you may need to work on it. If not we may have to speak to Geoff about your apparent escape from the compound...

Belinda Kennedy

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