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Tuesday, 24 July 2007



WTF? I was already confused at the voting, what with having the joint least last week then topping the 'we hate you' poll this, and now bedshaped is suddenly de-BBd?

My brain hurts, and not just from wanting to put an erroneous apostrophe in my made up word.


All my bras are pink to match my nip... er, nickers. Just thought I'd mention it.

Big Blogger

Angelalala - he wasn't de-BB'd by me. It was his personal decision due to stuff going on in his real life. I just fluffed it up to look all daft. As you do.


Bloody hell.

Well, I guess I'll just glue myself to the comfiest chair in the Big Blogger house, wait till everyone's washing machine springs a leak/house burns down/goldfish snuffs it then sleepily accept the title.

Sounds like good tactics at this rate.


Oh, and my flies aren't dropping.

So there's no point looking.


But there's only a week to go!

What a bummer.


By the way, I'm seriously unimpressed by all this voting-for-Angelala business. Why?

Just stop it people, all right?


Do I detect a touch of bias there, Clare?

No, surely not...


Well, the problem is I like all of you, so don't like to see anyone getting such a disproportionately large share of the votes.

But OK then, maybe I have a particular soft spot for Angelala...

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