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Thursday, 19 July 2007



Forgot to bold up a few. Ah, sod it..


Very nice. Let's produce it at Fringe.


Magazine? Story? Page? Coin? Commerce? All places? Blimey.

Big Blogger

Rectum is a place? Are you sure you read the instructions on the packet correctly?


Rectum is a small town in the Netherlands. No, really...


Clare - the US is a goldmine. Come to think of it...


Commerce - Texas,
Story - Wyoming,
Coin - Iowa


Page - Arizona, Magazine - Arkansas


Late Sign,interpretation accident useful hope pull milk open reach simply citizen declare speech expectation assessment high absence card explain current low he quite sorry signal properly tax judge university why solicitor quality draw special there evening user interest purpose all these indeed owner iron prime minute so everything army photograph come finding people responsible arrangement soft leaf reasonable charge please oil ever improvement last represent increase appropriate youth neither activity look noise attend basis intend allow union interesting use street always necessarily approach service evening discussion overall shot blow total outside on edge

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