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Monday, 23 July 2007



Or there's always the "leave us both in or kick us both out" option.


Bagsy I win....?

Big Blogger

Those aren't even suggestions.


Wasn't there something in the original rules about the person with the least votes being able to change the eviction?


Dib dob dib white rabbit no returns...?




How about you put Clare back in and toss me and Bob out of the airlock...?
(Vogon poetry optional)

Big Blogger

Well, I like your idea Cat. Problem is that because bedshaped and Angelalala are joint top (with the leats votes) they will have to decide between themselves, and god knows if they'll be comfortable doing that.

Well bedshaped/Angelalala? Are you comfortable with that?

(I think a coin toss is the way to go...)

Big Blogger

If it gets to 10pm and I don't get a decision I AM tossing a coin.


Oooh - I've got an idea. Give me three minutes...


I'd say look at last weeks votes and decide the loser using those numbers.


And Penfold? If that's your version of three minutes I think I love you!


Your three minutes are up, Penfold...

I agree with Angelala. Whichever one out of Penfold and Bob got most votes last week should be the one to go.

Amd the rule about person-with-least-votes overturning the eviction shouldn't really kick in until an eviction has been decided upon. They can't know who they want to save until they know who's going in the first place.

Big Blogger

Next time I do this I'm getting rid of that fucking rule. It's more trouble than it's worth.

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