Congrats, Bob! Much fun...

And thank you BB and SB (and LB for the short duration) for the amusement and opportunity to explore some fabulous blogs.

I've become a fairly regular reader of many "housemates" - enjoying Spanish Goth (i often refer to myself in the third person, so can empathize a bit), Tippler's rants, the adventures of bedshaped... I've become particularly attached to Clare, Angelala and of course Cat - the brave women who toughed it out with a houseful of gnarly, testosterone-charged men.

Ahh... and Penfold. Like Bob's sister, i realized that i'm a sucker for "artistic, musician, ex-pat, surfers who happen to be doting fathers to beautiful young children" types. Ok. So he's the first of this type i've encountered, but i'm now fairly warned that if i run into others, i'm in trouble. And like Bob's sister, old friendship prevailed over turgid loins, and i voted for my dear friend Bob... (sigh)

i appreciate the efforts, and look forward to next year!


well done bob! unless you want to wait until enidd's next visit to molvania, would an item of california tat be acceptable in place of the russian hat?

oh, and where should enidd send it?


Cheers Bob! Congrats for prevailing and it's good to know that your sister (and indeed good friend Laura) had the sense and strength of character to desert me in my hour of need.
(Turgid loins? Cripes...)
If you're ever in Portugal...


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