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Big Blogger

Ooh, bribery! I like it!

Got anything for me??


Hang on, Supply Blogger left me a special secret message that these were his gifts of choice and that he might be able to "help me out" on the vote front. Naughty Bob! As if you need to resort to bribery...


Bribery? What is this bribery you speak of? I just had a heavy load and wanted to lighten it.

Big Blogger

I bet you did...


If you happen to be weighed down by Pinot G, chocolate or Topshop gift vouchers I know where you can drop them off...

Supply Blogger

What on earth is going on here? I pop out for 5 minutes to see a friend and come back to accusations of bribery and corruption.

Whoops nobody mentioned corruption did they!

Anyway, it's all going very well.

Anyone want a cocktail sausage?

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