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Bowling?!? Excellent. And we can sing my silly song if we forget the rules."Just walk and roll."

Do we need coins for the video games?

This is all very exciting. Thanks BB/MSB.


Bob, you really ought to challenge Joseph to a game, I'll keep score for you.

*sits back to gain best view of the fella's buns as they bowl*

Spanish Goth

Gadzooks - looks like hell on acid.

Whatever next?


Budge over Angelala - I'm thinking Joseph looks a bit more pert. Hard to tell with the trousers on...
Oh boys could you...?
SG - no acid but I saw a couple of peyote buttons in the 'desert garden feature' in the back garden...


Anyone got Kerplunk?


There was a set round here somewhere.
Under the dirty batman costume in the corner I think...

Spanish Goth

Dirty batman? yikes - soiled his costume again??

Spanish Goth

He should have updated his utility belt to include toilet paper.

I would have said Kleenex but I think Tippler's used it all


You're not wrong about the pert, Penfold. Do you cycle, Joseph?


Reverse it up a bit there Joseph - lets get a grip of what's going on here...


I'm with Ms Lalala, doesn't look much like fun to me...

Apart from the thumb wrestling. I'm quite good at that. And that ickle ring is very cute.

ordinary girl

(Wonders which (who's) ring Clare is referring to...?)

Anybody got £20 worth of change in 10p coins? I think I may be addicted to these slot machines! Whilst obviously being rubbish at them!

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