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October 18, 2006


David Belbin

Did he say 'daffyness'? I'm all for daffyness. And I want to hear (or at least, read) Paul Violi's exchange in a delicatessen. Where's the shaky tape of that one?


There is a link to Paul's poem on one of those other blog sites. Text only, I'm afraid. No audio. The poem is at http://www.poems.com/countvio.htm

And yes, he did say daffyness.


Ever since Harold Bloom lambasted Adrienne Rich for her editorial job on the 1996 edition, controversy seems to follow this issue. Isn't there always controversy when you make a grouping of the best of something?
I am the author of "the somewhat pedestrian view of things" and I tried to avoid the controversial aspect harped upon by the other bloggers. Nothwithstanding the doubts many have about the alleged nepotism, I am still a huge fan of the series. Thanks for linking to me,

Bill Cohen

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