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November 05, 2006



From the last decade? Oh bollocks, let me ignore that. My tuppenceworth is IMPLEMENTS IN THEIR PLACES by W S Graham. This is the only book of poetry that I had by my bedside and read from every night for over a year. I've never done that with any poet. Not even myself. And certainly not with Andrew.

Rob Mackenzie

Thanks for the Capildeo, which sounds interesting. I hadn’t heard of her before. I’ll try to investigate further.

I suspect that virtually everyone who says there is too much poetry out there means there is too much mediocre poetry. But people will disagree on what constitutes mediocrity. In fifty years time, most poetry written today will seem mediocre but that’s probably been the case every fifty years.


Blackburn -

You are quite right - 'Implements in their Places' is stunning, and W. S. Graham, despite being published by Faber and all that, seems to get bafflingly scant attention.

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