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October 05, 2007


richard lopez

i don't know, but i love this review, and yr note on koch. that is indeed what i want from poetry: to feel alive. poetry must be the greatest pleasure otherwise why bother. so i drop this comment from a poet in california to one across the pond.


That's cool, thank you, although regarding poetry as a source of pleasure is, I think, a very unprofitable stance to take. I could be wrong, but having just spent half an hour or so with Sean O'Brien in "The Guardian" this morning and found out (yet again; will I never learn?) what kind of poetry is worth a £10,000 prize, I think I'm not wrong.

richard lopez

indeed. but as far as i can tell not even o'brien would be able to retire on 10,000 pounds. so even poets who suffer their readers stomach cramps can't live off the art.

yrs in the californian sun

Matt Merritt

The O'Brien poem did contain a handy hint in its title as to what to do with it. You'd end up with a hefty plumbers' bill, but after wading through that particular poem, I can't help feeling it'd be worth it.

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