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October 12, 2007


C. J. Allen

I know! Chthonic/chthonian - spooky. What's more, & I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed yet, but my poem 'Poem' is immediately followed by ... that's right ... a poem - spookier?

Good reading the other evening, I thought. Someone who'd gone along from my work - said 'That Martin guy, he had a nice suit, didn't he? & he was funny.' That's post-modern litcrit for you.

Nigel Pickard

Deliberate! That Rosie Garner is clever. Way you can tell: poems in alphabetical title order, except CJ's 'Poem'. Liked Martin's suit the other night too. Thought CJ's outfit was chthonic. If I understand that word correctly. Both poets were 'funny'.


The suit will soon have its own website. It will not be funny.

Rosie Garner

I thought both suits were more platonic. I noticed because I was wearing my socratic skirt. Which was not funny.

Steven Waling

Just thought I'd let you know - I'm often in or near Nottingham at the moment, as writer-in-residence at HMP Whatton.

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