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December 12, 2007


K.M. Dersley

Yay, Martin, great of you to come down all the way from Nottingham for the Merekatz gig. It was great to see you after a 10-year gap since I went to your reading with Paul Violi at the Minories in Colch. It WAS a good and humorous evening last night despite somewhat sparse attendance, tho' as John said, not bad for poetry. I fully intend to orate a little more and warble less next time. Thanks for putting a reproduction of a ticket up, I never saw one, I'll take a jpeg of that for the scrapbook.

Best for now,

Rupert Mallin

Entirely my fault for low attendance at gig for I've been 24/7 elsewhere. Publicity is all - whether poetry or not poetry. However, I did bring along Laura and Nathan from the New Writing Partnership 'Live Literature East' venture - and some fiends, one wearing golden DMs.

As a certain friend said on the night: there has not been a decline in attending poetry events over centuries. This is how poetry is. One stands with conviction with/for poetry or otherwise we substitute other, popular media in place of that conviction.

Ironically, if Poetry and conviction are substituted we don't end up with Arctic Monkeys but Pam Ayres. Simple as that.

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