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February 24, 2008


Angela Van Camp

Geranium robertianum is an aggressive invasive plant that is displacing native herbaceous understory plants in previously pristine Western Washington forests. Not only is it exterminating native species because it can outcompete them, it is definitely NOT rendering "Neighbourning plants ... healthier and more vigorous". The plant is allelopathic. It poisons the soil it grows in so other native species cannot sprout. Like scot's broom, it is a plant that was introduced by misguided gardeners and is now degrading the natural landscape it is thriving in.
Do not propagate this plant.
That is great if Herb Robert is useful to people suffering from medical ills, however, get it from a source that will not allow the species to spread into wild areas.
Angela Van Camp


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You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

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