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February 07, 2008


David Belbin

I like the Lincolnshire Poacher, good pub, very popular with men of a certain age, though I thought Jeremy was a bit younger. Maybe it's the sort of place that makes people prone to ask useless questions like 'what's the point of... anything'. My favourite web-site only has six readers and I was given the url on condition that I didn't tell anyone about it. And I haven't (unless you count this), even though it has the best music writing anywhere in the world (there are reasons for the secrecy, it's not some kind of precious arty farty thing). If I look at the stats on my web page, I can easily get depressed, but I do it because I want to do it and put stuff up so that it's there if people want to find it. And sometimes they do. And sometimes they write to me and that's nice. I've written four posts in the last three days, but I might not do another one for a month. And I've just noticed that Eels collection on your sidebar and remembered that I bought a copy in a lovely record shop on Sunday and I haven't played it yet. So now I'm going to.

Lee Stannard

What is the point of this website?

The question itself seems like a search for an answer. Maybe the question should be: What are the points of this website?That question sounds wrong to me though. And it's not the same question that was asked. And too much pointing might not be a good idea.
At the risk of winning a prize - I'm not really trying to win, I don't think - it's the "What is the point . . .?" question that I think has got me thinking, for reasons that are my own business and not for these Comments. Even so, " . . . of this website?" is part of the question, and this website has more fields of potential than lots of other poetry websites that I've tried reading.
Here is some advice for all the readers of this website who might like to try and write a poem.

Poetry Workshop

Hold your tongue between your finger
and your thumb like this now
look at yourself in that mirror
and keep hold of your tongue for as long
as you feel happy with the process
or for as long as you think is necessary.

Good luck with your poems.


I think it's worth pointing out (in case anyone is curious) that the Lee Stannard who posted the previous comment is no relation to me.

Which is perhaps why I don't understand it.

恭喜发财 。。。。。


Goodness knows what the point of your website is.
But I like it.
And that should be enough for anyone.
Even you.

richard lopez

well, there's no point to it. but because of your site i found your work, loved it, and i bought a couple of your books, because i read your work here and at the old, and even older, websites.

sure, it gets depressing about why when no one seems to read what you place here. that's why i don't get a counter or stats thing for my blog because i know i'll become a slave to it and get really depressed.

but then poetry is not so much a consumer thing or about acquiring accolades. i love it, poetry, the thing(s) in itself and the people who do the writing of it. therefore, and this sound rather hippie-ish but so what i was born at the start of the summer of love, poetry, the writing and reading of it, is a gift. those who take from it what they wish is just a perk.

Andrew B

Well, for me it's because I've been reading it since before it was a typepad site, and consistently enjoying that; you have either coincided with my feelings (so I feel good for being right), disagreed interestingly (so I feel good for developing my interests) or introduced me to people I didn't know before, which has its own good feelings.

That said, the point is probably not the audience, or you'd be wanting to write things like that horrible horrible Katie Melua song. I keep my blog purely because I like the process of writing something about anything consistently, or nearly so, and I go back to the earlier entries and enjoy things I'd forgotten. And I don't give out the link, because it's not something that feels audiencey to me.

If you didn't write these things down here, they'd end up in a notebook, or with you obsessing about them at the pub. You may be improving your own future poems and conversational skills by maintaining this site. It's for your own good, really, that you do this. Stopping would let down your adoring audience, your future self, and the Martians of posterity.

Have I overplayed that hand at all? My point could be I'd miss the site; you provide a lot of what I like in contemporary poetry and the conversations around it. My point could be it needn't have a point. That said, if it's served its purpose for you, you should resist adoring audiences dragging you back. You could end up like the later serieses of (insert shark-jumping comedy of your choice here).

Mark Robinson

Well, as one of the 'lurkers' here - I know, I really should have said hello before - if it wasn't here I'd have missed out on some entertaining reading and thoughts whilst having my lunch at my desk... I also found out about Mairead Byrne through something you'd written, which is an example of good use, I think.

And hello, by the way. I was telling my 'Kenneth Koch and Paul Violi in a MiniMetro two days after passing my driving test' story the the day...

Luna M

What is the point of this website?

The point of this website is that it points. I'm not always sure to whom, to what, why or with what endgame, if any, but it is the delectable process of pointing, observing and sidelong musing that makes me feel original whilst staring at a PC, in a row, in an office.


Right here and now, the point of this website is to provide me with a valid e-mail address, so that I can send you my review of the show we just attended. (Sorry I missed you during and after the show; I went for a smoke, came back inside, and realised I had fluked myself into a perfect viewing position.)

It's a relatively minor point, I grant you. But then again, and if youll forgive the somewhat commercial imagery: it's a nice thing simply to set out one's stall somewhere in the world where people can easily find it or serendipitously stumble across it, n'est-ce pas?


No winner yet....... Good tries though........

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