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September 15, 2006



I think you have the potential here to start a very useful and also very funny campaign-cum-project about great music screwed up by being used in shit ads. First off, maybe compile a list of the all-time great fuck ups.


That's a good idea. So far we have Grandaddy, New Order and Leftfield. We could be onto something here...


Ah, 'Broken Flowers'...
It's very 'still' - if you know what I mean - isn't it?


I suspect that Mars gave New Order a huge wedge. That usually does the trick when artistic purity is a problem. I remember when The Corrs sold out to Lloyds Bank. But that's not the same at all is it? I wonder if Uncle Joes Mint Balls would pay to use my new ringtone? It's based on a rusty hinge.


Over here, we have "Fade to Grey" by Visage currently being used and abused by a clothing company. Damned disgrace. Don't they realise that song launched the New Romantik in me?


Well, I'm not actually that upset by a Visage song being used in an indiscriminate manner, but seeing as it bothers you it's going in the book. :)

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