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September 27, 2006


Tim's Better Half.

The Rufus song is called 'The One You Love'. Its a great song, all his songs are great. If this was my blog I'd have rambled on about how wonderful he is by now, but it isn't, its Tims. Its a weird video tho, but the Brighton bits are good, if you live in Brighton, which we do. Anyway, thats my tuppence worth.


Love Rufus Wainwright.
I still "wing it" travel-wise, but not the way I used to. Worth noting that the one time I thought I could travel Sweden with no prior arrangements, there was suddenly an all-Baltic gymnastics competition in Malmo that jammed up every hotel for miles. Slept on the train that night. :-)


You actually managed to sleep on a train? I'm impressed.

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