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October 05, 2006


dr onions

i though it was a boat, not an igloo...

dr onions

shit, old onions left out a t, silly me. i meant to say i thoughT it was a boat, not an igloo...


It's funny, I was only thinking the other day, 'am I the only one who doesn't really like Ricky-I'm-so-smug-I-want-to-have-my-own-babies-Gervais.' I don't loathe him as you obviously do. The Office was good for it's understatement. But I can take him or leave him. Actually, I can leave him.


But, Tim, how do you *really* feel? ;-)


This is excellent news. I don't understand my blog either.

I want Anthea Turner to steal Delia Smith away from her husband and force her to wear canary-yellow gloves with which she will clean between Anthea's banisters.


I love/d Adam & Joe.
Does it matter that I don't know which is which?
Ditto Mitchell & Webb.

Also - thank you for leading me to non-working monkey!



ditto Stewart Lee & Richard Herring


Dr Onions - I know what I saw, and I saw an igloo. But if you want to take this outside...

drD - We are happy to have you in our club, and it's okay, I'm not expecting anyone to hate Gervais quite as much as we do so there's no need to feel ashamed.

Jamie - I feel mighty fine. Thanks for asking!

Monkey - Agreed. Cleaning between banisters is all Delia is good for anyway.

And Beth - Me too. It doesn't really. They're good too. You're welcome. And yes yes yes. Especially Stewart Lee. Did a great joke about staring at Christ's anus once. You had to be there.


I share your sentiments about The Fucking Office - I never 'got it' and also thought 'what the hell is funny about cringeing'?.
However I thought Extras was hilarious. Shoot me now?

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