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November 15, 2006



It is visually impressive
I'm a little concerned about the waste of all that paint, though...
I loved their bouncy balls one too


Without even checking the link, this has _got_ to be that Weegie tower block. Cool. I bought José Gonzalez on the strength of the bouncy balls (the album, not the bloke).


Wow, you mean that was real?? Were there any people in those buildings? How on earth did they do it?


Anx - I'm with you re the sheer volume of paint. Apparently it was manufactured especially for the ad though, and is so safe that it's drinkable. Amazing what 'they' can do these days.

Farty - Weegie tower block? I no understand.

Natalie - I was surprised too. And I seriously hope there was nobody in that tower block. They'd probably still be cleaning the paint out of their nostrils. And for info on how they did it see here.

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