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December 07, 2006



Clearly I've missed some sort of meeting.


You're not the only one my dearest Babs.


I say you should be person of the week too!!!

(although - you do look like someone who's never held a book before...)

dave roberts

Beth has swung it in your favour.It is only a matter of time before she is person of the Week.

This is what she said:

I vote for Timbo, 'cos if he was person of the week and HE suggested that maybe I should buy it, I would seriously consider doing so.


Beth, if my Dad heard you saying that he'd have a fit.
It must be my spastic arm that is giving that impression; this is caused by trying to fit myself and a book into the frame while pulling a bit of a gurny face. I just don't multi-task very well.

And Dave, does that mean I'm in the lead? GET IN!


It's the gurny face that's doing it - if only you'd done a Stan Laurel Style head scratch at the same time...but you might've needed three arms for that.

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