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December 04, 2006


Mrs Timboloid

I've said it so many times I know Tim's just bloody bored of it now, but how much of a better place would the world be now if Al Gore had been allowed to win that 2000 election fair and square? He was the fucking president of the USA, and he would have been bloody good at it, not a ridiculous, bullshitty sham of a president. Geeez! Anyway, enjoy Casino Royale wid Cheese (Tim's bored of me saying that too....)


Well, you already know I'm with you on the Bond film. And your description of sitting on your seat with your mouth hanging open accurately sums up my condition. Except for the dribble, of course. ;)

I haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth, but I will. It was here at a film festival a couple of months ago and it wasn't among my selections. However, Al Gore is due in Niceland sometime in the next few months for a lecture, and surely they'll show it again at that time. So I'll go.


Mrs Timbo - I'm not bored of you saying either of those things. One is correct and the other is very funny. Plus I could never get bored of you. (Everyone say aww.)

Alda - Good work. But why weren't you dribbling?

Blue Witch

I just wonder why it has taken our 'Government' so long to start preaching what I've been preaching for about the last 20 years (saving the plant - recycling, energy saving, responsible consumerism etc etc).

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