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January 28, 2007


Cheerful One

I want you to know that I first read this entry whilst at work and several children of primary school age were therefore almost exposed to the word 'anus'.

Luckily I have a fast finger so I minimised you.

Sausages are always good. I have some in the freezer.

Your commenty thing is refusing to remember who I am. I am trying hard not to take it too personally :)


Well the word "anus" is already half way down comedy avenue (up comedy avenue?) so it's not that big a leap I guess... maybe...

So, sausages. Pork?


Cheeful - I didn't write this post in order to corrupt youngsters. Honest I didn't ;)

And it's not just you. It's my frigging blog and it won't remember me either! Bastard thing.

And Gordon - you dirty man. :)


I had never heard of Stewart Lee before, but I laughed a lot at the clip. Thanks for that. :-)


"if I did put it on here I'd more than likely have my blog banned from Typepad, be sacked from work, and have the People's Alliance of Godbothering Stewart Lee Haters ensconsed outside the flat for the next six months until I said sorry live on Channel 4 news, with that bloke who used to be on Newsround."

After this, I almost bust my stitches. You bastard! But you're good.


Jamie - glad to be of service.

Morgan - glad to be of service too, I think. And thanks for the praise; I'll take everything I can get.

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