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January 15, 2007


Womanly Jack

I'd like to thank my double x chromosomes and not unimpressive rack. Thank you, thank you.

Creepy Lesbo

Yay! More awards! *starts rolling in them. Ok, so it's only three and they're all swampys but i can roll in them if I want to, dammit!!*


Oh my oh my oh my

*fans self*

I never win anything, you see. And as you can already see I'm crappy at acceptance speeches.

Can I crack open a bottle of bubbly, even though it's a Monday??

But what I *really* mean to say is: Thank you dahling. I mean it. Kisses.



It takes a lot for me to talk in acronyms, let alone caps, but my GOD this occasion deserves it.



Thanking you. Yay. I've never won anything before. Ever. Apart from a bottle of whiskey in a tombola in a church hall fete and even then I had to hand it straight over to the vicar because I was nine.

Stupid fucking vicar.

But yay!

Thank you!

(Sorry Mike. But also ya boo sux etc.)

Blue Witch

"she actually tries to make the world a better place in her own way"

Someone noticed at last. Thank fuck. the last 4 years haven't all been wasted time after all ;)

Thank you for the honour Tim.
Your comments en blog are always appreciated too. Weeeeelll... most of the time ;)


Sorry, but I'm not handing that tiara over to Anna without an unseemly scuffle. I'M STILL BIG! IT'S JUST BLOGGING THAT GOT BIGGER! I AM READY FOR MY HYPERLINK, MISTER KOTTKE!


Michael Troubled-Diva you give that BACK. Don't be such a ... oh, the clue's in the name...

And I've always been bigger than you, Mike, it's all in the hips, sweetheart. And now I have some new heels, too, so will be taller, too.

Mwa ha ha ha ha, etc.


Kids, kids, please. Deep breaths. Inhale, exhale. And repeat.


Holy shit.

Really?! I'm SUCH a big girl but.. ummm.. no never mind actually. I'm a big burly manly man!!! Yes I am!

dave roberts

You like me! You really like me!


Despite the fact that you are unable to distinguish between a monkey and an otter I remain slightly fond of you, if only because you just gave me an award.


I found you through Alda's Iceland Weather Report. Three cheers for 2)She writes every day. Great stuff, too. Putrid skate, the Yule Cat and the best sunset photos in the blogoverse, and much more...

And now you've found all those other blogs I don't yet know... good thing I'm home with some virus and have time to visit every one. Thanks!

Lady Miss Marquise

Oooh, yeah! New blogs to read! How exciting!!

And Anna Little Red Boat is a genius.


Oh, Tim! I don't know what to say! I have been so proud of my first Swampy, and now the second one seems even sweeter. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

*clears place on mantel, er, sidebar*


woot woot woot, go JAMIE!


Awwww. You guys are all very very welcome, and you're also extremely soppy.

Especially Gordon.

If this was the Oscars you'd all be doing a Gwyneth by now.

Gordon would be doing a Gwyneth first though.

And a big hello to LynnH and Stew. Nice to meet you, in a virtual bloggy way.


Darn - now I have load more good blogs to add to the reading list.

Good work the Tim


Is this award just so's I keep sending you that generous cheque each month? If it is, it worked.

Much love,
Your clever Father

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