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February 19, 2007



2. Could you ask for it (so to speak?) It's nearly the law that they have to say yes. I have just moved to a three day working week. I am skint as anything but it's SO WORTH IT.

3. Couldn't agree more about Mulholland Drive. Two hours of my life that I'll never get back.

12. Smoked mackerel mashed with a fork and a bit of cream cheese (& spring onion? & lemon?). Fish fingers (not quite so cheap but you can buy them in bulk). Houmous and grated carrot. Green pesto and tomato. Mmmm.


Jo - God I LOVE mackerel. At this time however it is slightly out of my price range. As are one minute noodles, but that's another story altogether.

Fish fingers though... That's a good idea you've had there!

Captain Birdseye

Now, I suppose I should be promoting my products but tbh you don't get many fish fingers for your money.
You should try having bread in your sandwiches, it makes a great filler.


I abhor the whole process of changing the clocks as well and never really understood its context in present society. I'd really rather leave them the same all year round and just have less or more sun at night. Though it was pretty cool as a young child to turn them at bedtime and get to stay up a full hour later.

Just for FYI, clocks are turned forward in the States on March 11th, and in the EU on March 25th.


Mulholland Drive was on telly here last weekend. Caught a few minutes of the end while channel surfing, over which EPI and I discussed the same as you do here, i.e. Pointless Drivel. (We'd both seen it before) Unlike you, however, we both feel that way about Twin Peaks too, which started off brilliantly but when the producers saw that it had the potential to make loads of money the longer they ran it, deteriorated into a senseless, pseudo-artistic waste of time. (Sorry!)

As for the sandwich, ham, cheese and Dijon mustard is good. And also camembert, tomato and lettuce (but preferably with good crusty bread).


Hello Dylan! I totally agree with you about the 'enjoying sleeping in an extra hour' thing. It's always nice to think you can relax a little bit, although that is tempered by the times whenh the clocks go forward and you lose an hour. That's just plain crap.

However, I still think it's all a load of old nonsense.

Alda - Glad you agree about Mulholland Drive. Re Twin Peaks - you blasphemer! I shall try and reach a middle ground here though. Yes, the second season went on about ten episodes too long, and was rendered pretty pointless and just plain boring due to endless scenes involving Hurley and Mrs Jagwaaar, Billy Zane, and bloody Heather Graham. BUT! The whole first season, and at least the first eight episodes of the second are full-on AMAZING TELLY, the like of which we will probably never see again.

So yes, they milked it, and that makes me sad, but for a while there it was perfect, and I shall remember it as such.

So essentially I completely agree with you. :)

And Fire Walk With Me is brilliant too, if you haven't seen that already.


oy timbo! there's nothing wrong with marmite!


Used to love sliced liver sausage and onion in younger days.(not that i don't like it now). Sliced liver sausage is really cheap and the onion gives it a special crunch and an amazing flavour. Try it.


Just thought of peanut butter and marmite - especially the crunchy type. Yummy.


Minx - Sorry love, but there IS actually rather alot wrong with Marmite. Fight?

Mummy - The liver sausage sounds mmm yummy, specially with the onion. Thanks for the tip!
I shall be giving the peanut butter/marmite monstrosity a miss though. Why? Cos it has peanut butter and marmite in it. Simple really.

Ps. Do you have a fetish for crunchy things or something?


OK, I am happy to concede that the first Twin Peaks series was excellent. Now can we go have a beer?


Marmite is alright, what's wrong with you? I hated it at first but it's good in actuality. Listen to me I'm your Gee freund.

Mr Bloody-Confused

I'm curious as to why people were so keen on discussing sandwich fillings and not keen at all on giving credit to that awesome video?!


I like Lynch too but Mulholland Drive just baffled the bejesus out of me. I hate to admit it because it makes me feel like a heathen, but the point (and the plot) missed me almost entirely.


Avocado and cheese with veggies. Mmmm.


Alda - Oh alright, you twisted my arm.

Charlotte - I'm listening to you, but I still don't like it. :)

Mr B-C - I know. What is wrong with everyone? I mean, Sammy Stephens is a legend!

Morgan - It appears we are kindred spirits.

Jamie - Mmmmmmm. I bloody love avocado. Am I allowed to have it with chicken? Pretty please?

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