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February 25, 2007



My mum and dad had a ghost in the house they lived in before they had me apparently. Kept hearing foot-steps upstairs even when neighbours were away so werent them.
Turned out some guy had hung himself there!! They moved!!!


Most people only believe in the things they can prove exist. I am of the opposite mindset. I want to be ready, so I'll keep anything in the back of my head, aware of it, so that if it does exist, evidence or not, I didn't doubt it so strongly that I became blind to it. Ghosts, I absolutely believe in. I've seen some, and I wasn't on drugs, and I am not mental.


Gah!! I'm firmly anti-ghost-existence in the vain hope that if they really ARE real they won't bother me.

Which makes no sense, really, as when we used to go ghost hunting on vacation, I'd tell my brother it's them that's looking for them on purpose (like him) they'd avoid entirely.

I'd tell one of the stories but they're all too long and involved. Did blog them I think, though.


I saw a Goblin by the side of the bed once!! Turned out to be a Teasmade.

I also have a personal ghostly story to impart, too long for this comment, I'll have to Blog it.


Steve - Shitting crap. In that situation I have every confidence that I would poo myself.

Dylan - I'm not on drugs either. I might be mental.

Babs - Oh tell me one! PLEASE!!!

Brom - Tell me yours too! Write it in the comments box. In shorthand.


Btw Tim what new camera you got?? Takes excellent pics, especially macro, I use a Fuzi finepix68000z zoom (designed by Porsche)but use my sons Samsung also, its excellent, I guess you use a Samsung but probably wrong lol


I had an experience just like your stepmum's bedroom encounter only last night!

spooky ;)


Think more chance of seeing a ghost than working out a woman, ..... sort of relevant.
*I may live to be 199 years old and never work out a woman. tm steve_p 2007 copyrighted


Minxy - Were you frightened? I bet you were shitting yourself weren't you?

Steve - Having, err, woman issues by any chance mate? And you're right, the camera isn't a Samsung. It's an Olympus E-500 DSLR. Positively batters Samsung's nuts all over the park...


That is definitely a kick-ass camera my friend!!! But is it designed by F.A Porsche??? lol Btw mine is a Fuji(designed by FA Porsche) not a "Fuzi" It was late!

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