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February 03, 2007



I too wrote a Valentines blog today, for no reason other than it sprang to mind.

I LOVE Before Sunrise/Sunset! I went to see them both at a double-screening - lovely, indie cinema. The relationship between the two characters is so beautifully evolved. Have you seen the 'animated' film about consciousness, Waking Life? It features Julie and Ethan in those roles.

And Life Aquatic? Watch it again, I urge you! Many people change their mind over time. It's only messy because it's so raw and offbeat. It's a slice of life. Have you seen Royal Tenenbaums or Rushmore?


Well, haven't seen Waking Life but that's going straight on the 'to watch' list. And the 'to download' list. I'm terrible.

As for Life Aquatic, well, if you say try it again, then we shall try it again. it was just a bit disappointing, seeing as Rushmore (great) and Royal Tenenbaums (fucking great) were so good.

Cheerful One

I was getting used to the monged out Santa ;)

Also, I keep meaning to watch both Before Sunrise and Before Sunset...


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