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March 21, 2007



I very much grudge paying Council Tax, especially as I live alone and still have to pay 75% of the balance. As I live in a flat, I have a communal street bin which is always full of people's old sofas and things, and absolutely no recycling facilities. It is proper bobbins.


Sweetie, can you have a quiet word with your cookies? They never remember me and it's giving me a right complex. Thank you.

On the subject of rubbish, I fucking hate the stuff. But recycling rocks. Erm... that is all.



Cat - This is what we pay our taxes for. Great isn't it?

Minx - Recycling does indeed rock. It's just very hard to do when you a) don't have a car, and b) haven't got any space in the flat to store all your empties. I want a recycling truck to come and help me out!


I salute those old Grannies going to prison for refusing to pay council tax. Sadly, I'm far too much of a capitalist chicken.

But in fact, this entry made me so angry, I'm off to start a fucking revolution!


I totally agree with you! We have fortnightly collections now, and it's awful.

I was going to write a longer comment, but it turned into a rant, so I made it into a blog post.


Morgan - Grannies rock, or jailhouse rock? Whatever, I'm joining your revolution, and no bugger can stop me. Or us. Or it.

Kate - The Fuckers. I bet it's awful. Want to join our revolution?


The bins in Brighton are not privatised - they were brought back in house a few years ago.

Where they spend the money: http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/downloads/bhcc/summary_accounts_05-06_Final.pdf

Also, fortnightly collections (where they have been tried) roughly double recycling rates. I think that's a good thing.

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