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March 20, 2007



Wait until something happens to our precious little ginger royal and watch the UK government get their finger out double quick... Failing that, the situation will undoubtedly fester ad nauseaum. What can we - as the great unwashed public - possibly do? Anyone?

Blue Witch

I think the problem is that most people are totally unaware of the statistics - or, if they do know them, they cannot conceptualise how £5.3 billion of UK taxpayers money could have been better spent, or what 655,000 Iraqi bodies and over 3,000 dead soldiers look like.

The answer is to keep banging on about the numbers, at every opportunity, to anyone who will listen. And, come election time, ask some very searching questions of those who knock on your door...

Bliar is trying desperately hard to ensure he is remembered for anything except the war. Let's ensure that when he does go, what he's done is kept right under the public's nose.


I think that US allied countries should withdraw their troops. It's quite possible that this would result in a draft taking place in the states, but hopefully other countries would accommodate people who want to flee from that as well. That way the world as a whole can stand united in resistance to this war. This was a great article, I really appreciate you sharing it because it was clear and concise in a way that many people I think needed to see. Especially the change of opinion from the Iraqi people since the war's initial intervention.


*runs away*

Drama Queen

Blair and Bush are puppets, waiting for their next strings to be pulled. The puppeteer, however, is out having a fag break and pondering his next devastation. It’s easy when the big gimp of a puppet is going to smile and take the blame. Might even do a little dance if we throw some coins at it. . .


The fact is that the British public were lied to and quite a lot of them fell for it. Blair's legacy will be the fact that he ignored us, went against our wishes and wasted our money & good soldiers... what a complete twat!


We keep hopin' and prayin' (in our own non-organized-religious way) and protestin'.

NO, political fuckwits, we DON'T want the fucking War, or the Olympics, or Gordon Brown. We don't want to invade Iran. We do want Bush to drop off the face of the Earth. And we want a new country, please. One that's not so... bloody rubbish.

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