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March 25, 2007


Polaroid Princess

I concur!!! You should not move it. Out of principle, as well for health reasons. But having those bags out there for so long, its all abit...well rubbish...*aherm*


We have a system here that if you have a bulky item (ie, a cooker) you can call a special department in the Council and someone will remove it from the street, free of charge. Eventually. Two years ago I got a new sofa. I managed to persuade the sofa men to humph the old one into the street, and called the special department. It sat there for over a month, providing a handy resting place for weary people (and often tramps) and a splash of colour before disappearing. I am still unsure whether the Council men took it or if someone just re-homed it. (There was nothing wrong with it, I just wanted a new sofa, although it might have been a bit wet by that time...)


This counts as fly-tipping and the local authority have a legal duty to deal with it either by removing it if it's on public land or in following up with the landowner if it's not. It may be worth emailing the Council to report it and then follow up at regular intervals if there is a tardy response. Copying emails to my local Councillor had miraculous effects on response times around here. Keep notes of dates times etc and you can keep repeating these in the emails until something is done. Onwards and upwards...


PP - Yeah. It bloody whiffs an' all.

Cat - That sounds like a good system. Shame it doesn't work. :)

drD - I will be contacting the council post haste. If you say it works then I'll believe you.

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