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April 13, 2007



hello - have followed your link - mine's a green low



"Oh Denise the Piece, I'm in love with you
Denise ohh be doo... "

err maybe not.

I'll come back later.


I'd love to get paid to use Google. To me, 'faded seaside glamour' says Velvet Underground followed by The Beach Boys.


Gosh, I guess I've missed all the excitement. Somewhere I did read something about a code of conduct being drawn up and followed the link but couldn't be bothered to read through the post. Because, you know, the point of the Internet is freedom an' that and anyway what would be the point? You couldn't enforce it.

I've only had one nasty incident on my blog involving someone who now happens to be running for office here in Niceland trying to get people on cruel.com to spam my blog with malicious comments. Unlucky for him, I found out his real identity, and posted an offensive of my own. Now that he's running for office people keep logging on to read those posts and what a two-faced SOB he is. Har!


denise the piece bakes a mean cherry pie
yeah, she's learnt to respect the cock
and she's easily taken in by the nice and caring guy
but will she still hang around when things get tough
and frogs start to rain from the sky?


I've no idea what you're talking about, but I am glad you're feeling more human, and hey, at least you've had nice weather to be off when daytime telly gets too much...


I am annoyed I don't know who denise the piece is seen as I do a film and tv degree and should know EVERYTHING about all films everywhere ever made. Is she a fish (as in cod piece??) I don't know!!! It's killing me!!!


Hello Peach! - It looked more like a bright red Asshat when I checked your site out.

Brom - Oh come on! You can do better than that.

Morgan - You need to apply for work at the BBC then. At least the music would be a bit more interesting with you in charge.

Alda - His arse was well and truly kicked! But yeah, you can't enforce this kind of thing, it's totally at the individual's discretion, and the police or whoever aren't going to pay any attention, so what use would a Code of Conduct have? It would be a bit like Neighbourhood Watch without the neighbours. Oh fuck it, it's a ridiculous idea, and whoever thought it up needs their brain replacing.

Marcos! - I think you know what I'm on about. Good work my son.

Cat - Yes, more human, less mush. And not knowing what I'm on about shouldn't hinder you from writing a lovely poem about Denise. Should it?

thinkpink - I'm most unimpressed *shakes head* - try Google or IMDB. They should be able to help.


I happen to watch it only last week, so it's still pretty fresh on my mind. ;-)


yeah but now yours says HIGH!?!?!?!


Marcos - I see. Well, at the moment, you're winning.

Peach - I know. Weird eh? Maybe I need to swear a bit more. FUCK ARSE PISS SHIT WANK!!!


Yeah, that worked.

Delboys Daughter

Who is Denise The Piece?

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