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April 24, 2007



You mean I came third!!!
Fantastic, a podium finish.

*Congrats Marcos'

*Goes off to find the champers!


Jeez, the Björk vid's already been removed from YouTube. Feck, arse, etc.


I would just like to thank my girlfriend for keeping me supplied with cups of tea and the occasional well-timed biscuit; my mum and dad for believing in me; my agent, my ballet teacher and my parole officer. you guys rule!


Brom - Third out of three. Erm, I don't know how to tell you this...

Marcos - Your girlfriend supplies you with tea and biscuits? I must be doing something wrong.

And the Björk vid is back up again, but for how long?


lol omg I am impressed!

what I want to know is this: will there be naked breasts like in the superbowl interval too?


I knew I should've researched and entered properly. I'm annoyed at my lack of film knowlegde now :( Also digging (is that word even acceptable to say anymore??) the stair picture. Very funky..err groovy..err...I'm old forgive me.

Drama Queen

A personal mention in your linkage of love and I missed the bloody competition. . .*grrr*.

Spanish Goth

Completely off topic but, in your Blogging Against Disabled picture thing on the right

1) Why has one of them got a light sabre? (Jedi-spaz?)

2) Why is another one on the toilet?

3) What's up with the others, apart from the fact that they have no privates, or eyes, or noses, or ears.....etc?


I started watching Magnolia last night and then I remembered why I couldn't remember the film. It's because it's the film I have attempted to watch countless times but always fell asleep half-way through. I got to Deniece the piece, and a bit further and then... To paraphrase, "Shame on me". Sigh.


Marcos - If you're talking about my bare breasts then yes, if you're not then no.

thinkpink - If I were you I'd be annoyed too. And you're not that old; you could be me. I'm old!

Goth - That's in really poor taste, and I hope you didn't mean that like it sounds. Being disabled is nothing to joke about, and to be honest I'm a bit taken aback.

Ariel - Yes, shame. It's a great film! The only film I have ever actually been sent to sleep by was The Pelican Brief. I would love to tell you that it's a piece of shit film, but I don't know if that's true or not because I was asleep at the time.


Humph. Will I get prime sidebar space for sending you dish towels?

(Oh, and I fell asleep during Octopussy. I was (I think) nine, and my dad vowed never to take me to see a film again.)


I was sent to sleep by another Tom Cruise movie - Minority Report. Interestingly enough at the same point each time. Apparently not even the charms of Colin Farrell could keep me awake for that one.

The Bjork vid has gone again. I'm a bit disappointed, I'm just getting into her music. I've had both Isobel and Play Dead on the pod for the last week or so - v.v. good.

Also - if Marcos doesn't want his mars bar, could I have it please?


Cat - I'm sure something can be arranged. Depends on the quality of the dishtowels really doesn't it?

Beth - Yeah, bloody fucking Warner Bros and their poncey copyright bollocks. What IS copyright anyway? Art should be free, like, maaaannn. Pass the doobie.

Re Björk, listen to Vespertine. It's GREAT.

And let's ask Marcos shall we?
Marcos? Do you want your Mars bar?

Drama Queen

Hellloooo? Can you see me here!


Well, we liked Brom's effort.
Now all you've got to do is get Debbie Harry round, and perhaps she'll have a 'wardrobe malfunction'.
That should please Marcos, and keep everybody happy. Apart from the ladies.
Damn, we knew there was a flaw in that plan...

Delboys Daughter

But but but... i didnt get the game.
I shall try harder next time sir.

By the way.. Bjork aint working any more


Blimey, Drama Queen! Sorry! Missed you there somehow. But yes, how did you manage to miss the competition? (probably in exactly the same way as I missed your comment... ho hum)

Mr.X - Have you seen Debbie Harry lately? A wardrobe malfunction may be a pretty bad idea.

Delboy - Yes, you must. And yeah, fuckin Bjork vid. Gah!


do I want my mars bar? does dolly parton sleep on her back?


Well, I'm pretty sure she does. If she didn't she'd either look like the front end of a VW beetle, or a couple of crushed beer cans. Neither of which would be particularly flattering on a lady.

So Marcos, please supply a delivery address to moi and there will be some Mars bars winging their way to Harrogate forthwith.

And sorry Beth, but no Mars bars for you.


'some mars bars'... how many are there?

ahh I feel such a meanie now....

beth can have them.


So many Mars bars, you just wouldn't believe!

Who wants one?

And I'm not pissing about. They may get to you slightly squished, but it's still free confectionary and not to be sneered at.


oh bloody hell, go on then...! I thought you had one single bar....

have they fallen out the back of a lorry?

I'll email you my address.

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