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April 26, 2007



Well, not with the St. Lucia bit anyway...

And you've got it very wrong. you only ever eat kebabs after drinking bitter or lager. We mean Guinness and chili sauce - can you imagine the colour of your...no, let's not go there.

Go play with the cute little bunnies. It'll cheer you up no end.


X - How about Barbados?

I'm actually pretty chipper, although this may not come across in what I wrote. Drat.

And yes, Guinness and kebabs are possibly not be the greatest accompanying foodstuffs. So I'll leave that for now.


are you not allowed curries as well as beer? ho hum.

timbo timbo timbo..... man, I wish I was in barbados too, and yes, watching the cricket. love it (am I the only cricket-loving brazilian, I wonder?), can't get enough of it, though I'm more of a test match man.


Marcos - That reminds me, it's county season! Time to finally go and watch Sussex after promising to do so for the last four years and failing miserably.

I think I may have to use this blog for some not-so-subtle cricket commenting.


Good God, I hadn't realised that there could be some potentially dangerous interaction between curries and antibiotics... How about - gasp - alcohol-free beer? Might it perhaps fool your brain into thinking you're having a tipple? I know, obscene suggestion but had to make it.

Spanish Goth


Very glad you were 'taken aback' by my comment, just disappointed that there was less reaction from others.

Sometimes I try to provoke discussion by posting comments that at first glance seem offensive but it is not my intention to be offensive - merely to invoke discussion.

I apologise if I offended you, as it is your blog and therefore, not my forum.


Aye, aye. We've got a troll in our midst - I'd keep an eye on that Spanish Goth if I were you Tim.


I think the only way I could help you is to suggest you dont' waste any more time watching cricket.

However, as its my napping sport (along with baseball) the snooker is fine.

Also...get the indian takeaway. Doooo It! You don't need beer to enjoy it!

Drama Queen

What Goth? A troll? *pah* he's harmless. . .just has very bad taste in jokes. Anyway I do think he was knocking the representation of disabilities rather than the disabilities themselves. After all it’s a bit unfair the way society gives a stick man a stick and we label him disabled. . .

I’m sure he’s too intelligent (and sensitive) to take a swipe at actual disabled people. If that was true I think there would have been bigger screams in your comment box.

Now play nice Goth. . .


Ps Tim, go hug your women and stroke the new bunny. Will make you remember what life is all about


Ariel - It's a lovely suggestion, but no.

Goth - Alright, that's one of your nine lives down. Provoking discussion is all well and good (not that any discussion was prompted in this case, so ho hum) but there's normally no need to be offensive while acheiving this. Disability is something extremely close to my heart, so you picked a bad topic to start on. If however you want to kick off over Ricky Gervais or Keane then feel free. You've come to the right place!

Fudgenudger - My eye is fixed on him. Oh yes.

Beth - Don't waste time watching cricket? That's one of your nine lives down too!
I think you're right about the Indian takeout though. It has to be done doesn't it?

DQ - That's fair enough, and I'm sure he'll be well behaved from now on, I just think that certain things don't bear ridicule, and disabled people and how they are represented in our society are one of those things.

Anyway, it's a new day, the sun is out, so let's neck some pills and booze and get trolleyed!

Oh yeah, and stroke some bunnies...


There's only one anti-biotic which you should absolutely avoid alcohol on - it's called Metrinozole or something similar and is often prescribed by dentists. With the rest, the reason you shouldn't drink much is because you might puke and thus toss the tablets out of your system, meaning they don't work. You knew that, though?

Drama Queen

Wow! Hold up. There is also an anti bi that increases the absorption rate of the liver. You don't want to take that one with alcohol. Typically I've forgotten the name. And remember to use another form of contraception, anti-bis play havoc with the pill ;-)


Cat - I didn't properly know that, no. But I do know that I had a pint a week ago and felt like a pile of doggy doo-doo for hours afterwards, so maybe it depends on what pills you're on and what different after effects there might be.

DQ - Cripes, that doesn't sound good. Luckily for me though I'm not on the pill. Thank heavens!

Creepy Lesbo

Can't help you on the alcohol free Guinness (unless you make a drink out of the alcohol free limited edition Guinness marmite!) but Cobra do a nice alcohol free beer.

Drama Queen

Well I should hope not, what with you being a boy and all. . .

. . .Although I have heard about some new fangled boy pill.


Hello Creepy! Yes indeed, I like Cobra very much. It goes bloody well with a balti chicken tikka masala as well.

DQ - A boy pill? Surely not.

Spanish Goth


Disability would cease to be as big an issue if people would discuss it more. A person is a person regardless.

I fucked up, it happens but unlike some, I rise and put my hand up and admit it.

As for Gervais & Keane - think they've got the fucked-up thing covered without my help...

(love the log btw)

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