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April 08, 2007



of course they will be looking up, timbo, you better believe it.

that second picture looks like yum-yums... am I right? if yes, that's where your energy is coming from, old fruit.

hope you're feeling better, whatever the pain was, not mentioning anything specifically obviously, hope it's better now, coz I know that having pain is a real ball ache.


I'm so sorry to read about your rabbits, I'm sure they're either happily hopping around in bunny heaven, or pre-bunny reincarnation depending on your beliefs.

I hope you're feeling better soon!


Is that your house? If so, it looks lovely and I am quite envious.

And it's totally right and natural for you to be sad about your furry friends. When my wee doggy was put to sleep a few years back, I wept for weeks and weeks - he was a huge character and a big part of my life, and I still miss him.

Delboys Daughter

Big hugs dude.


So sorry about the bunnies, Timbo


Marcos - *cough*, *splutter*...

And no, it ain't a yum-yum. It's a maple and pecan danish. Both equally sumptuous I think.

Beth - I hope they're in bunny heaven. They certainly deserve to be there, the lovely little things.

Cat - That's actually the house that backs on to ours, but ours is pretty nice too as it happens. And yes, losing little animals is horrid. It doesn't matter what they are, if you get attached to them there is nothing you can do. It always hurts.

DD and Anx - Thanks for your kind words.


I prefer Yum-Yums.


*Sending bignjuicy strength vibes*

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