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April 29, 2007



oh, i remember those comments... even dickie davies. what a guy alan is. :)
you warming up then? ;)


Please excuse us for missing Big blogger 2005 as we didn't even know what a blog was back then.
Did enjoy reading it, even if we're supposed to be working.


Glad to hear you're feling better, though.




in TEA?

You heathen!


How could we forget??!


Before my time too. Although if it wasn't clearly people would have been saying how ace I am. Probably. And I wish I had a landlord. I am SICK of having to fix broken stuff myself. A friend who is useful would do, I need to meet boys who are plumbers and electricians instead of tortured artists.

The Girl

I had forgotten how bloody funny Alan was in that comment box, thanks for the reminder; now I can relive quality like:

I am pleased that I have been absolutely vindicated by this public enquiry which shows conclusively that I never misled the public about Alan being wonderful. Or about the fact that we could launch him in 45 minutes.
Tony Blair

Brilliant stuff - and a quality blog that Big Blogger thingumybob.


Lucy - Might be.

Mr.X - It's just sugar and tea. What's the problem?

Furtive - I don't know, but I had. Terrible eh?

Cat - Aren't there any handyman conventions round your way? That would be an ideal starting place I think.

Girl - Yes, it was rather good wasn't it?


Spring cleaning... Been putting most of my stuff in black rubbish bags and throwing it out. Then comes the thankless task of cleaning the oik pit prior to his return on Thursday. And I bet he won't even notice.


yeah, had no idea what a blog was when that was live - but caught up and now have to check out alan ...

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