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April 04, 2007



Oh yes, Mike & co did a great job, even if there were a few omissions - like us :)

Lovely? Err, Ariel might be, not sure you can call us that with a straight face, but thank you anyway.

Now get on with getting gooder soonest. Chop Chop!


I bought the book over a week ago (even though I'm not in it) and it has yet to arrive. Rubbish.

Get well soon, lovely.


hey timbo, thanks man, that's really kind of you. I'm well chuffed to have discovered thig blog too. :-)

Drama Queen

Wooh Hoo! Mention!!

Thanks very much. I feel safe and warm in the 'fold'. . .

Get well soon.


And very nice it is to meet you too Mr Timbo. As you well know, though, that blog is heading for redundancy. I will, of course, be letting you know where the new one is when I pull my finger out (please - no holding of breath, ok!).

re. Rufus - yay! I have tickets to see him at the Old Vic in May and am very, very excited indeed...

And whatever it is - Get Well soon, captain.

one of mike's minions

Naturally, following the major global success of Shaggy Blog Stories, Mike is far too grand to turn up and make his acceptance speech in person. Instead, he has instructed me (a minion) to convey his warmest regards. Please arrange for the award to be shipped to the usual address.


Codeine's the business! If you wash it down with Scotch you can create a hazy round the edges world where you don't feel anything at all. You've got to be careful not to kill yourself by accident, mind. Get well soon too.


I think it is something to do with your PENIS!! It's the only time people get really sketchy about medical situations, when it involves their genitals as in STDs and the like. It's ok if you have one, we will all still love you.

No really, this is a serious situation and I am not trying to make light of it. I hope you feel better really quickly and agree with Jo that you should find a nice balance between the Codeine and some alcohol. What a trip!


Mr.X - No. You are lovely. Face it.

Cat - Yes, indeed. Lulu make nice looking books but their delivery service is shite.

Marcos/DQ - Aww. You're both welcome.

Sarah - Tickets for Rufus? They're like gold dust. You lucky sod you.

Mike's minion - Erm... err... Award? Shipped? Wha? You'll be lucky.

Jo - Yeah, nice idea there. Luckily I'm very good at not killing myself. Unluckily, I don't think the scotch would agree very much with my course of antibiotics. Yes! I will die.

And Dylan, you're wrong! It's not to do with my willy! And certainly not an STD. I'm Mr Clean and Charlotte is Mrs Clean, so there's none of that horrible rubbish round here. But it is still horrid and vaguely serious and I don't like it! Guess again!!!


Oh timbo!! I do love you. Thanks for saying I had a great blog. And get better soon!! Also I do love abit of Beck!!


Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Hope the pain goes away right quick.

Congrats to Mike, who I have only visited once when he was doing coverage of Eurovision last year (don't ask). I shall now have to hop on over there to have another look.

Delboys Daughter

I wrote a massive comment then all about warm wee, swiming pools, right wrist aching with penis, and thank yous and it was lost in the blinking blogging ether.

*wanders off muttering to herself about the banality of web existance*

Drama Queen

Pain still persisting?


thinkpink - Fankoo!

Alda - Thanks also, and I won't ask.

DD - That sounds like it was a great comment. Fucking computers eh?

DQ - Yep, but not quite as bad as it was. I also have non-physical pain now.

Mr Farty

Fanx for the mench, I feel like I've arrived.

And sorry to hear about the bunnies.

Big hugs to you and C.


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