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April 27, 2007


Spanish Goth

I love I,Robot but for purely personal reasons. When I wanted to watch a film and Mi Mariposa wanted to watch something else, I would put I,Robot on and she would fall asleep within 10 minutes allowing me to change the DVD and watch something else.

Switch the DVD's back after, put on the last 5 minutes of I,Robot and gently nudge her awake saying "time for bed now honey".

Know what you're saying about day-time TV though (over here, can only get Beeb channels on cable) - it would be nice, just once if when the things are valued that the valuer just bursts into laughter and says "you're taking the piss aren't you"


I don't like him that much! His hair is receding, but in that photo it doesn't look too bad. His face looks a bit weird tho. He's like the best looking cricketer I've seen, but that ain't hard is it. His personality is almost as dull as a wet flannel. But at least he's nice, eh! Top marks on the nice front. Anyway, that's enough about Michael Vaughan.


I'm disappointed that there isn't a single John Cusack film in that list. I'm also sad that you had to sit through the steaming heap that was the Bourne Identity - possibly the first film in history where the first film was worse than the sequel. Astonishing.

Still - I don't think there's a much better way of passing poorly time than a big old movie-fest. Except there has to be a John Cusack film there. Has to. Its the rules.

Can I recommend High Fidelity (esp if you like Jack Black) or The Ice Harvest if your SOH is a little darker!

I have a recommendation for a much better looking Michael Vaughn - he's not real, but he's a spy and he's a JJ Abrahms creation long before everyone was wittering on about how amazing lost was....try here:



high fidelity style top 5 (from that list):
1. pan's labyrinth
2. jackie brown
3. magnolia
4. goodwill hunting
5. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

michael vaughan.. pah! I still miss graham thorpe. what a great batsman he was... had the fortune of watching him bat against india at lords in dickie bird's final test. he had a long stand with jack russel after to top order collapsed.


I didn't much like the film of High Fidelity, but I love the book. The best film I've seen of late is Little Miss Sunshine - get it on DVD if you've not seen it already.

On another note, daytime telly is one of my guilty pleasures. I think it takes me back to my days of being a skiving student, and there's something very satisfying about watching Fern Britton talking about all things domestic of a morning, knowing you should be at work. Just me, then?



I agree, he is a better Michael Vaughn! I fancied that Michael Vartan in some film I saw once.
Although, obviously I fancy Tim a hell of a lot more...[had to clarify that or he might burst into tears]


Goth - Wow, that's another film that sends people to sleep then. One for the list.

And I did actually see an auctioneer laugh at some of the people on one of those shows the other day. They'd bought some seriously dodgy looking James Bond cufflinks, whatever a James Bond cufflink is, for £30, and he valued them at £2. He laughed, and so did I.

Beth - Yeah, well, John Cusack is very good, and I love Grosse Pointe Blank but alot of his other stuff is a bit weak. Don't get me wrong, he's good, but the film lets him down. For me High Fidelity is a good example of this. Pushing Tin is also particularly crap.

And I'm sorry, but I bloody loved those Bourne Thingummyjig films. Had me on the edge of my seat the whole way. Woo-hoo!

Marcos - Yes, Thorpey was a class act. Personally no-one will ever compare to Graeme Hick in my personal poll, but then I'm a Worcestershire fan so I would say that.

Cat - I'll have to check that one out. I recommend A Scanner Darkly. If you haven't seen it then see it. It's a head-wrecker.

And luckily I've managed to avoid Fern Britton. She's obviously above the crap that I watch.

Charlotte - Somebody better than Michael Vaughan? Surely not? And it's too late, I'm already crying me a river (and morphing into a crap version of Justin 'OOOH!' Timberlake).

The Goldfish

I was just reviewing films-watched-in-state-of -yuckiness myself. I very much like I, Robot, I have to say, but then I still carry a somewhat flickering torch for Will Smith since my childhood and I'm kind of into Asinov, Turing, the implications of AI on the human condition and all that jazz. Not that I, Robot is exactly an intellectual exploration of such issues, but still...

But Eternal Sunshine is one of my all-time favourites. Great film that. Don't know why I like it as much as I do - if my head was clearer, I might be able to tell you...


Goldfish - So it's not just me then? Glad to hear I'm not alone in my ill-at-home-watching-stuff-ness. And I know what you mean about I, Robot. I actually thought it was pretty decent up until the last ten minutes, which was when it changed from being quite a seriously innovative film with a really twisted premise (rather like Ghost In The Shell mixed with Usual Suspects, if you know what I mean) into an "Oh robots are scary and isn't the future worrying yet bloody obvious at the same time and we can't push the boat out too much on the controversial ideas front seeing as we want this movie to make some money" type film. So I liked it, but then I also didn't like it. And Will Smith was half-naked far too much. And the robots looked a bit rubbish. Anyway.

And Eternal Sunshine makes me and Charlotte cry. Every time. We're soft bastards, we really are.

AND, unrelated, here is a link to the Bjork vid AGAIN. Let's hope it doesn't get fucked off like the last three...


I was really nicely surprised by Eternal Sunshine because I really hate the mere sight of what-the-fuck-is-that-guy's name .. oh yeah, Jim Carey. Drives me rabid.


The Spanish waiter! LOL!!


older men suck

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