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May 22, 2007



If your hair was red in that picture, you'd *almost* be Vyvyan from the Young Ones you know!


Oh, that's so sweet! Rabbit's not bad either.

Spanish Goth

It's a bit Hugh Grant isn't it?

(you, not the rabbit)


Look at those blue eyes.


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

you're very tasty (with respect to Charlotte)

but very funny


No bogeys!


You could have shaved first :)


Beth - I won't be going ginger any time soon then...

Angelelala - That's right, keep the compliments coming. Chop chop.

Goth - I dunno, the rabbit does have an air of The Hugh about him. I certainly do not. Harumph.

Dylan - Thanks go to the Timbomum for that one (I think).

Peach - So what am I? Tasty, or funny?

Sarah - I made sure to blow beforehand. How conscientious of me eh?

Mr.X - So spontanteity is dead, yeah?

Mrs Timbo

That picture scares me. Put a decent picture on for gawd's sake. One that shows the true majesty of the black hair, blue-eyed combo.

Drama Queen

Hey, is that YOU? You like different from the profile pic. Which now I am thinking is maybe not you. Afterall I'm not really a fairy. Or a Queen.

(WHAT??? You're NOT!!!)


You look a little frightening in that shot, my friend, but I'm not one to talk, as generally any picture of me looks scary.


Is the rabbit flying the flag for Greece? :P


Mrs Timbo - Consider it changed. Cos it is.

Drama Queen - But I've got black hair in the profile pic. Surely I look totally different with blonde hair. Oh God, I don't know -- you've just completely thrown me with the revelation that you're not a queen!

Cat - Frightening in the style of Hugh Grant? Slightly psychotic perhaps?


Alex - Let me ask him.

Me: "Honey, are you flying the flag for Greece?"
Honey: "Meeggh!!!"

There's your answer Alex.

And hands up if you agree that I look like a total poser in that new photo.


Hands up!

(if only because I'm aggrieved that my previous comment now makes no flamin' sense at all!)

The Sandman

Get some sleep man!


*puts hand up*

Sorry, I should have warmed that first...

Drama Queen

I like the scary shot better. Made me believe your really could kill your neighbour.

edvard moonke

hey, timbo, old fruit, I've just stuffed my face with a giant mars bar AND a crunchie bar, and it's all your fault.

thank you. :-)


ok ok tasty. but only if you stick me on your blogroll. otherwise, funny, like weird

ha ha

Delboys Daughter

OOoooooo good Do.

You know.. i admire you for dying your hair when you feel like it. A rare quality amongst straight men. Of course you ARE in Brighton so the alternatives must be rubbing off on you. Presumably not literally or Charlotte might not be impressed. Unless I've just stumbled across your kinky couple secret. You bunch of pervs!

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