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May 09, 2007



what about the walking around with a book balanced on your head?


I've never been, but friends speak highly of Pilates... I was down your way on the Bank Holiday weekend looking at Art (and loving the fact that you can look round people's houses), it seems that you can't throw a stick without hitting a Pilates/yoga studio in Brighton...?


Someone once suggested the Alexander Technique to me because I'm quite tall (and slouchy apparently!) but I never went. I second annie's suggestion of pilates. You need to strengthen your core muscles and all will be well!

Pass my congratulations on to Honey, thats fab news and I hope she's been rewarded with lots of fuss and maybe a carrot. Also bunny related, I was in London today and walked past a card in the Virgin Megastore with 2 bunnies sort of touching ears on it. You were the first person I thought of, how weird is that!?!


I did the quiz and it came back as wonder woman. I was hoping for superman!! Boo hoo. But yeah Pilates is excellente for back trouble. Yoga is pretty good too. I have constantly got back pain and pilates once a week has sorted it reeet out.

drama queen

I'm wonderwomen - wohooo!! Just so glad I got a girl!


I'm Spiderman. So right now the The Hulk is cohabiting with Spiderman. Sechsy.


pilates and the love of a good woman (which you have) ...


Marcos - I haven't tried that. What a splendid idea! Eliza Dolittle look out.

Annie - Yes, they're everywhere. It's all so bloody new age down here. Fucking postmodern ex-hippies.

Beth - Honey hasn't had a carrot yet, but I think he'd love that, so good idea all round. And yes, that is VERY WEIRD. But good too.

thinkpink - Can you get pilates on the NHS? That is the big question that everyone (well, me) is asking.

DQ - You and thinkpink makes two Wonderwomen. Is that allowed?

Charlotte - Can you imagine what the children would look like?

Peach - Yes, one down. The problem I have with pilates is that it reminds me of Madonna, and I don't want to be reminded of Madonna actually. A dilemna if ever there was one.


I used to take Aloe Vera juice but it is absolutely revolting, so I stopped. I do keep the gel handy though - useful for all minor ailments - and my colleague actually has an aloe vera plant which he uses the sap from if either of his kids gets a scrape.

My mother used to make me stand against a wall as a kid and was constantly yelling "Shoulders back and down!" at me. Consequently, I had brilliant posture and no problems until getting this laptop, which I use sitting cross legged on the floor.

I must get me a wireless connection.


Cat - I wish my mum had done that with me, I might not be quite the hunchback I'm becoming.

And yes, that aloe vera juice is pretty manky. Lucky then that they do it mixed with cranberry. It's slightly less offensive that way.

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