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May 05, 2007



Boo for food poisoning, but hurrah for my sidebar badge - yay!

(Glad you like the tea towels. Sadly, the branding fades a lot when they're washed - that's what I get for going to a non-tried and tested supplier who promises much cheapness.)


Congrats on the thinkign blogger award - go you!

I have to ask...isn't all vomit a bad colour? In my limited vomiting experience I don't think I've ever looked at it and gone "Oooh..what a lovely shade of stomach lining and partially digested food - it'd be the perfect colour for the living room)". Cue comedy image of woman taking sample of vomit to the Dulax man and saying "You said you could mix any colour - mix this".

Anyhoo...hope you're feeling better soon!


excellent choices (from the ones I know). I nominated ariel too but she ignored me!

I'm off to check the other two I haven't read yet.


well done timbossss, you deserve it! x


Er, thanks, I am being swamped by goodness and rabbits it seems! Marcos, I am sorry, I shan't ignored the Thinking Blogger again, promise. Timbo, what do you mean your vomit was a BAD colour? Have you ever vomited something that was aesthetically pleasing? You could always try and have some grated carrots prior to spewing next time - they add colour and consistency. Get well soon!


AW!! Am still blushing from the glowing report. Timbo, you do flatter me, really - no, really you do. Really.

So because I think, does that mean I am? (badum tish!)

Anyway, thank you for always being such a good sport and so positive about my work. And a big CONGRATS on your nomination, which is most definitely deserved.

PS. If I send you some putrid skate, can I have a place on your sidebar?


Woohoo! Getting credit where credit is due. How wonderful!


PS. Forget about the putrid skate. I forgot you're sick. [Get well soon!]


I love you, Tim.

Take that slightly-over-excited enthusiasticism with the fact that I know where you live (having sent you things) and you have one *seriously* terrifying commenter.

Just for that lovely button, I'm going to spend all day tomorrow trying to raise my technical knowledge to the fact where I can finally put my cherished Swampy award button in my own side bar. After the last howevermanymonths where I've been wanting to.


Cat - It's okay. I like it when they have that 'lived in' look.

Beth = BAD was a specific reference to some godawful dark/luminous green substance, not a million miles from what I imagine toxic waste to resemble. So, unlike your usual brown, chunky, gah-jesus-icky mess, this was particularly, well, bad.

Marcos - You have to give her a good prod. Worked for me.

thinkpink - Thanks!

Ariel - You're welcome. And re the vom, see the above point. I find that when I throw up water it can be quite easy on the eye. Clear and pleasant. Yum.

Alda - If you send me absolutely anything other than putrid skate, that is strictly Icelandic in origin (very important), even a teeny tiny button, then I will make a sidebar button thingy just for you.

At this rate every blogger in the world will have my address by the end of the year. A good thing? Or a bad thing? I'm not sure.

Dylan - Aww shucks. I blushed.

Anna - I shall be keeping a close eye on proceedings to see if it appears. Good luck with that though.

And in regards to knowing where I live and being terrifying, be warned that Charlotte keeps a knife by the bed and isn't afraid to use it. There, who's terrififed now eh?


OK I'll risk Charlotte and her knife. Now where do you live?


"Give her a good prod?". What tells you I am amenable to being prodded? Do I sound like I need prodding? Tsk.


Thank you Timbo.

Ahem, I'll put it with the others...



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