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May 11, 2007



was charlotte having dinner with rufus? you've had it, man.

facebook. I really don't understand it. I registered last night but then when I received a message, I had to sign in to see it, and would it accept my login name and password? would it bollocks. I've already given it up.

loving the music.


Facebook is even worse than MySpace. It's just a big pile of plop. I'd describe why in more detail if I wasn't knackered. Just believe me it's an exercise in pointlessness and it doesn't even look nice, pah!


Facebook is shit, but addictive nonetheless. I check it all the time for no apparent reason. Also there are no secrets on facebook. Everybody can see what you're doing all the time.I think you're coping with the whole restaurant thing really admirably. Well done. It takes a strong man...


Facebook - for all your poking needs, apparently.


Marcos - He's gay as Christmas so I think I'll be okay. I hope.

Charlotte - MySpace is hardly the Josh Holloway of websites on the attractiveness scale is it? More of a Charlie.

thinkpink - Can I call you by your real name? Is that allowed? The best thing I've found on Facebook so far is something called The Yorkshire Pudding Appreciation Society. It's worth it just for that so far. And yeah, I'm coping, but it's hard...

Teeny - Poking? Who's poking who?


It wouldn't be good for the bunny to get a cold, but it'd be cute. I don't know what it is about small fluffy animals sneezing, but it rates seriously high on the Awww-scale.

As does that otter. I love otters. Couldn't eat a whole one, mind..


oh, wook ad da wotta! fank u!
by the way. I have ignored the facebook thing. i don't even understand myspace (you may have noticed).
xxx :)


When I was little (and then not so little) I used to cry when my bunnies - who were later joined by guinea pigs - had to stay out in the cold. So I got my dad to make a little baby indoor hutch that we could use to bring them into the kitchen on cold nights. In retrospect it was probably a bit too litle, and they perhaps missed their massive outdoor quarters, but at least they were cosy.

And in response to your asking if I would like HTML training, if there's a bit of code for that Thinking Blogger thing which I can just drop in my sidebar, I'd very much appreciate it if you'd email it to me.

(Oh, and Facebook? That one must have passed me by.)


Ah, so I'm not the only one who doesn't get Facebook then! I was going to lurk, but when I saw I needed registering, I frankly couldn't be arsed. Maybe the bunny could be wrapped into something warm, waterproof and bunny-sized? A tea cosy might do, cut some extra holes for the ears and the head and Bob's yer uncle?


Beth - I haven't been lucky enough to see Honey sneeze yet. Yawn, yes. Sneeze, no. And a rabbit yawning is one of the cutest things EVER.

Lucy - That's quite alright. I knew you'd like it. Look close, you can almost see it's little tongue!

Cat - We do bring the rabs inside as often as possible, and if we had a larger gaff we'd make an indoor bit to keep them away from the elements permanently, especially when the weather is fucking awful like it is today. But we don't have a big gaff, and their wee stinks if you keep them in for too long, so they're gonna have to cope for the time being.

And re the html thingy, I shall email you the stuff.

Ariel - OMG. What a great idea. We'd have to find a pretty big tea cosy for the ginger one mind you. He's large.


I'm so behind. Rufus was in London. Doing a PA. I was in London on Thursday. I'd have skived off for that....

Facebook? Hmm - I've had a nosey but I think I'm just a few years too old. Couldn't find anyone I know (well - ok - now I know you're there...but you know what I mean).

Nice shortlist by the way...


It worked! You're a genius, thank you!


Death by Sexy? Good Choice, although we prefer This

We didn't even try to register for facebook, as we're quite sure nobody in their right mind would want to see ours. or their left mind, for that matter.
And bunnies are cute, yawning or not. More pics, please!


(warning, this may be upsetting...) at my parents place they are overrun with rabbits as we failed to stop the bastard fox hunters wiping out all the foxes, nature has meant the few foxes left have their work cut out for them and there are bunnies everywhere, brilliant for me and my brother, "aggravating" for my father who was trying to grow stuff in the garden. Hence traps were placed all over the garden and one time while visiting I saw one poor little bastard caught and it was pissing down with rain too... he'd been there a while I was told, awaiting the official executioner who would come round to break its neck.. Bro and I went out and put a towel over the cage ostensibly to keep it warm for a while... then secretly released it and no-one could see til the executioner came and had no rabbit in the cage to do away with...


hello timbo , couldn't they be house bunnies too, inside in the cold and wintertime, outside in the summer?


Mr.X - I shall attempy to catch the bunny mid-yawn just for you. Although it's more likely that I'll fuck it up by yawning myself whilst in the middle of it.

Peach - You rescued a bun and for that I salute you. Although please don't call them bastards; every bunny has a good catholic upbringing I'll have you know.

Isabelle - Hello Isabelle! they could, if only we had more space. You'll be pleased to here however that right at this very moment both little buns are inside. They're living the dream!

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