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June 22, 2007



K - I'm lost. Happy, warm, fuzzy, pleasant and then...the picture of the bug.

What is it? A new pet?


so nice... little patches of sun kissed time


Just been catching up on the old goss from Timboland. Yes, you definitely need to get going, and I'm sure you will. Bunnies are great arn't they, and too damn clever, and they can see everything and hear everything, and probably smell everything. A word of warning.... they also eat EVERYTHING in the garden, including recently purchased bedding plants. You gotta love them tho', and I'm sure you won't care if they treat your garden as a Las Vegas buffet. Hope you find one soon.

PS. Nice to see PPQ


I fear we are the only place in the country which is in the depths of winter. Not only has it rained solidly for a week now, it is also cold. I'm glad I didn't dash out and buy a whole new summer wardrobe, although on the plus side all the summer clothes are now reduced (due to general freezingness) if it suddenly gets warm.


Goth - Bugs are good.

Peach - I'd prefer it were a massive patch, but yes, it was lovely.

Brom - This is why we have no plants in the patio. They'd be eaten within the day if we did! And yes, I can't wait to find a new place. Fingers crossed eh?

Cat - It's windy and wet here too. But what with it being the south coast, we generally get a fair few days with some clear skies and sunshine. The fucking stupidly expensive rent allows us that much.



The sun makes everything seem better.

Regretfully it's pissing down here. All sodding weekend. Grrr...


I really do hope you find the perfect sunny spot to call your own piece of land. You and the girl really do deserve it after the things you've gone through at this place. The bug picture did creep me out though... I hope those guys stay at your current home!

Mr Farty

Mmmm, nice post. Spooky fact for the day - I missed Hot Fuzz at the cinema, so I bought the DVD and watched it yesterday. Well, Sunday. I should get to bed.


I didn't realise how much I missed having a garden until I lived in a flat on the second floor, so I love, love, love having one now. It's a pain in the arse cutting the glass, but otherwise it's a joy. Well, it will be I'm sure, once the rain stops...

You should definitely get one. And then you can have more bunnies, non?

dave roberts

That was...nice. And made me homesick.

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