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June 24, 2007



Sorry (not) but you've been tagged, by me, cos I'm a twat, so there......



Enjoy it!!!


How was RW? Was it his Judy show or just the "I'm an addicted artist and I'm fablulous" set?


How was RW? Was it his Judy show or just the "I'm an addicted artist and I'm fablulous" set?


Oh, lucky you....was he good ? I want to see his sister Martha too...

I'm so sorry about your rabbit ( again ) . I had to do another chicken run today.... she's in a box in the kitchen now....and my house is nearly entirely surrounded by water!


Just read a rave review of his latest LP. He's the son of either Kate or Anna McGarrigle if I'm not mistaken, yes? I don't know his stuff, but you have me intrigued.


Oh Goth, how sweet. I'll see what I can do.

Dylan - I bloody did! Woo!

Bob - It was great, and it was a mix of the two. A bit of this and a bit of that, of you know what I mean.

Isabelle - We should be going to see Martha in August too as she's playing down here. Brighton may be overcrowded, overpriced and overblown but it has it's good points too.

Alda - You need to give this bloke a listen. He's VERY good indeed.


He was fab in the mud too.

from - a muddy ponce!


Mud as a badge of honour? No thanks.


ohhh how was he?? I need pictures!!!


missed this. so how was it?


Sarah - I bet you'd rather have been warm and cosy though.

Ariel - I agree. Whole-heartedly.

thinkpink - Pics are a-coming.

DQ - Pretty spiff actually.


Ah, I was actually still very warm and dry at that point of the weekend...and y'know -if Mr W won't pop up as far as the Midlands on this tour, we have to go to desperate lengths to see him, don't we!

However, I'd best shut up about it - it's hardly a badge of honour - I just had a great weekend with plentiful and varied entertainment.

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