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June 26, 2007



It's great breaking through that 'shall I shan't I' barrier. As long as you don't actually chuck up, which I did once with Billy Bragg. But every other time, worth it.


So the last picture is of a ventriloquist act you went to see????


Thanks for the tip-off. Nice review and very nice photos.

(Of course I want to hear about the Glastonbury viewpoint - but you can send me an email about it, if you like?)


Looked good!

We don't know about 'a mind of it's own', our d80 is probably more intelligent than we are!

Damn good job it's got an off switch...


Aw, bless. I love Rufus. Not quite sure how I feel about the new album though.

Yes - I want to hear too!
(why Glastonbury was shit, that it)


I want ot hear why glast was shit too!! Then I won't feel like such a loser for missing it. Also great pics! (I'm a weeny bit jealous)


And obviously slightly drunk after 2 beers judging by the spelling of my last comment. Soz!!


Was it more than the sound engineers screwing up the big finale? My friends hadn't seen it done before and still thought it was brilliant (despite the crappy sound, and the restart.... Talent will out, regardless.

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