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June 13, 2007



It is!

And for the bunny deprived look here:

Sorry, couldn't resist that...


hi! It's pitty, but I'am fat a little:) I wanted to start a new diet yesterday, and when I search for it i found
this low carb diet book... than I read about this diet on another sites and it looks to be true.. why i'am here? - cause
I visit your site several days ago and saw a theme about diets, but I can't find it now.. emm.. sorry for offtopic..
I want just to know is it true that I can lose weight a little quickly & for a long time with this weight loss diet or another diet..
oh.. please tell me that it's true... thank you all & have anyone a story or diet plan like this, the main question is how to weight loss quickly without trainings?

ps. yeah, I'am blondy :)

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