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June 09, 2007



Oooooh, me likey that music.

Now I'm off to find the finest wines available to humanity. And cake.


No rabbits? Aww...
That is of the cute furry kind, not the type the Girl seems to enjoy, of course.

Casulty re-runs? Nnnnooooooooo!!!!!!
Please, we'll behave from now on, honest!

Delboys Daughter

You do realise that my two new baby rabbits are of course suffering due to your lack of concern!
I have two bunnies!

edvard moonke

withnail and I is without a doubt the greatest movie ever made, and I must have seen it at least a hundred times. in the pub, I love the way the poacher walks in as soon as the barman calls time, then leans over the bar to pour his own pint.

here's one of danny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQtJmp7C7MI


Bob - Have you found them yet? I'm thirsty.

Mr X - Yeah, it's the law. New rules round here. And that Casualty threat really hits home doesn't it?

Delboy - I am concerned! Advice will be forthcoming, I promise (give them both a little nuzzle from me).

Marcos - It's pure class isn't it? "Scrubbers!" always does it for me.


There are just too many places to leave coments in.... which one - which one... I think I'm going mad....


Erm, uh, yar!!

(Sorry. It's the best I could manage at 3 AM)

Shades of Grey

Is it Notting Hill?

Shades of Grey


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