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July 01, 2007



Well, I happen to like your writing - but you should never feel pressured to do anything you don't have the time or inclination for. I'll keep on lurking from the sidelines whatever you're up to!

re. Glasto - cool. I'll remind you, when I remember!!

Drama Queen

and yet *lots* of us come on here everyday to read what you're up to. Must be something in that Timbo. . .


What Sarah and DQ said. I always enjoy reading your posts. Still, I completely understand about being too busy. Just do it when you can.


Oh great, I start visiting your blog just when you're thinking of jacking it in!

I love people visiting my blog but my posts are very random in subject matter. I might be dropping back into the past (Journey in Journalism) or getting poetic (Pause for Poetry) or just plain silly or topical or whatever.

It's true the most successful blogs tend to be one-themed affairs (I'm shagging alot; my family and how we have a laugh; I'm depressed and pass the aspirins etc etc).

Anyway, the little I've seen here I like. And you write well.

Oh, and you love Withnail and I, which means you're highly intelligent and a man of immaculate taste...

... post when you want to - we'll be waiting.


Ahhh Jenny Lewis...that's one of my faves of hers....

You keep writing Timbo, when you want and about what you want.



Sarah - I can feel you lurking. Ever get that feeling in a darkened empty room that someone's looking at you? That's you that is.

DQ - Oh you! *does a queer sort of curtsy thing*

Alda - I will. You know what I mean though; it's not fun doing this if it starts to feel like a chore, so let's nip that feeling in the bud and make it fun again.

Dumdad - Yo, hello and various and assorted. I ain't buggering off with the fairies just yet you'll be pleased to hear. And you're correct, I do have immaculate taste.

You seem like an alright chap.

PPQ - Jenny Lewis kind of reminds me of Elliot Smith. Not quite as down, and female. But still a bit like him. Know what I mean?

The Goldfish

Oh Tim, there's writing and there's writing. The most popular authors of books in the world are folks like J K Rowling, Stephen King, John Grisham etc. and these are not great literary figures; there words are not full of beauty, but they tell a good yarn and they tell it well. We all have different voices, different things to say and different ways of saying it; I too am wowed by folks who write beautifully, but it doesn't meant that different sorts of writing aren't just as valuable.

While I'm here, must thank you for the recommendation, made some weeks ago, of Ricotta and Spinach lasagne; yummy to the power of ten. Thanks. :-)

An Unreliable Witness


I was going to say what Goldfish said.

But Goldfish said it ten times better.


Except she didn't, of course, but then that would defeat me saying what she said was right.

God, sometimes life is confusing.

edvard moonke

like the goldfish said.

anyway, I haven't had anything to do with the blog for a good 3 weeks, pretending it wasn't there, and didn't read other blogs either. nice to have a break sometimes!

oh and jenny does it for me too, something to do with that fringe, I think...

whores in my head, whores at the door, whore in my bed, what a line!


Goldfish - Yep, that spinach and ricotta is a match made in heaven. Stephen King's not bad either.

Unreliable - Now you're just showing off.

Marcos - Blog overkill is a dangerous thing, so I like your style. Let's all have a blogging holiday!

Miles Away

i hope you don't stop the blogging! maybe rest for a little while, but sometimes, the desire to write stuff just can't be overpowered!

good luck!

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