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July 15, 2007



Oh, happy belated birthday to Charlotte! Many happy returns, and all that. Sorry I missed it.

I will indeed concede that your site redisign is minor, but regardless it is a big improvement. I like being able to see those blog names individually, rather than all mashed into one. I know you were going for a specific look and everything, but this is better. Trust me.

And I can't wait to see Sicko. Anything Michael Moore produces, I will see.

@ Alda

Even if Michael Moore produces a big smelly poo?


totally dig Joan APW although hated with fury the last gig I went to see her at - the fans really spoiled it.

Good luck with the sorting stuff out - been doing as much myself

edvard moonke

timbo, you soppy date, I have a cup of tea in my hands and no cake. it just won't do. so I request you send some of that cake over in the post. next day delivery please. ta.


Happy belated birthday to Charlotte - I hope you're still enjoying the cake. I love birthday cake, its my favourite sort you know.

Koko sounds like she's being astonishingly cute!


Alda - You're forgiven, and thanks. I like the redesign too!

@ Alda - Michael Moore does poos? No way.

Peach - It seems that her 'extreme' fans are slightly mental. Luckily at the show we went to there was only one mentalist. Any more than that and it would have been beyond annoying.

Marcos - mmpphggsorryypphh *crums everywhere* mmrrfit's all gonepprraahhrr *chocolate dribbles discriminately from mouth*

Beth - Astonishing is the word. And surely all cake is the best sort of cake? Although fruit cake is shit, so that's not included.


Did somebody mention cake?

The Goldfish

Hey Timbo, you've been tagged. :-)


Cake. . .for breakfast. . .mmmm!


Mr.X - Look man, I don't know how to tell you this, but *sob* it's all gone.
Tragic, eh?

Goldfish - Dankeshun. I think that's how you spell it. I must now add this to my previous tagging from Goth that is still awaiting my perusal...

DQ - And lunch. And dinner. Did anyone mention elevenses? And tea. And a midnight feast...


Ah, the great life laundry... Good luck with it all! Your posts are incredibly groovy, so much so I never ever get the cultural references.


I only like Christmas cake, and I absolutely fucking hate people who get the cheering wrong at gigs. The prime example of this was a Morrissey gig about three years back where loads of people started clapping during the lull in November Spawned a Monster, clearly thinking the song had finished. Idiots. To think I paid eBay prices for my tickets so those people could get theirs.


I want cake!!

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