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August 23, 2007



Do I spot REM's Monster cd in the background?

Miles Away

oh, there is definitely a lot of pleasure to be gleaned from taking and editing photographs - Flickr is a good way to improve and pick up tips from other people as well as entering competitions and getting feedback.

good luck!


bedshaped - It's not Monster, no. But weirdly I do have Monster, but just not in that photo. Scary!
A bag of wine gums for the first person who can identify who the cd bedshaped is thinking of is really by.

It's the orange and black one by the way.

Miles Away - Thanks! I'm enjoying getting into the whole group/community thing already.


u coloured .. ur hair?


Is it Paul Weller's Heavy Soul? And your hair looks very nice.


Vanessa - Yup. I might have done.

Cat - Nope. Try again?


Wow that is some seriously hairy armage!! Love the blonde.

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