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August 24, 2007



Ooh. I'm up to number 10 now. How exciting!


What is that penultimate one? Some kind of automatic Smartie machine that dispenses nourishing chocolate on the hour, every hour to your waiting, willing, outstretched hand? I want it!


Now you're going to get loads of hits from people searching for 'bloody bumhole'. That's not going to be nice.


God that bunny is adorable. I initially wrote "I could just eat him up" but I realise the horrid implications of that phrase. You know what I mean though. Mucho cuteness.

Nice selection of photos there - I love how vivid the colours are in them, you've really got an eye for compostion.


Jack - It's unfortunately not an automatic Smartie vending machine, but with a few simple modifications and a liberal sprinkling of elastic band action I reckon it could be.

When I've invented it I'll let you know.

(It's a baby bath toy.)

Jo - If lots of people are searching for 'bloody bumhole' then we as a race are in trouble. Tune in next time for an update on the fate of humanity.

Beth - One of the smallest and cutest rabbits ever. That was our Ralph. May he rest in peace.

And re your lovely compliments, cheers!


love the pics. put me to shame. . .


hey where've you gone timbobobobobobo?


Where have you disappeared to, bumhole boy? Come back!


I've disappeared up my own bumhole.

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