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September 23, 2007


edvard moonke

timbo, old fruit, who needs long sentences when short ones convey the message just as well if not better?

who are the people in the picture? parents and sister(s)?


You're right Edvard, as always. And look! In my pursuit of the impossibly stretched sentence I've totally created a random 'and' which makes the whole thing make less sense than it did already. Balls!

And the people, ah yes, the people.
From left to right: my Uncle Paul, my Auntie Jean, my cousin Charlotte (looking right depressed) and my Auntie Chris. Familyfest!


Hello Captain Timbo. Please do let us know when you have unearthed the bury treasure -- or at least live a photo. There is nothing as exciting in blogland as the idea of modern day treasure being swashbuckled in Brighton!


Leave. Obviously that live was supposed to be leave.


Can you not train your rabbits to burrow for said treasure? Could save you a lot of time and effort, considering you're so tired and all that.


Clarissa my lovely, believe you me, if there really is treasure under the floorboards (and the way the rabbit religiously gets stuck into the carpet above that very spot every frigging time we let her in is proof enough that there definitely is. Definitely.) then I shall be doing a lot more than just taking pictures.

You won't see me for dust.

And bedshaped, good idea. Very good idea indeed. The problem here is that if I let her dig, and she will dig hard as rabbits are wont to do, what happens if it's just a shitty tin can or something and not really treasure at all? I'll have to try and sell the can in order to raise a substantial amount of funds with which to buy a new carpet. And I like cans as much as the next man, but I somehow can't see myself making more than maybe half a shilling, and you can't get a carpet for less than a fiver these days or so I'm told.


Hello back fool! Are the people in the pic looking at you?


Don't worry about getting permission to find the buried treasure. Go and fetch it then mention you were burglarized by pirates. Sorted--easy peasy!!


Family gatherings can have me feeling like that too. . .


Ariel - Yes, they've all got lazy eyes. And I'm extremely wide on my right hand side.

Babs - I had not thought of that...

DQ - So it's not just my family then?



love, foolx


so what you managed to read thus far ?


I guessed sister and mother. I was close.

Good to see you back, even if a little bit. [But what happened to the post entitled 'eek!'?]

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